OK, I know. I totally don’t need another project, but this one’s really cool. I grew up my whole life swearing my parents never owned a video camera. Still true, but apparently my mom borrowed a 8mm video camera from my uncle for her wedding and didn’t give it back until I was like 2. Cut to a quarter century later, helping my Grandpa clean some old stuff out of his bonus room and we find the camera. In a box with film canisters marked “wedding”, “Gianna’s 1st Birthday” and “Brad’s 1st Fathers Day”. WHAT!?!?!? So while those are getting cleaned up and transferred to DVD, I start playing around with the camera. Awesome.

Don’t worry, I’m not considering a career change – but it should be fun to play around with. So with my trusty friend the internet, I have ordered film and some other goodies. Now I just need to figure out what to shoot first. Anyone have any ideas or advice?